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                 A CRAZY PASTOR’S WIFE: Wit and Wisdom from Saints and Scoundrels

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“This book is so funny! I gave the book to my mom for Mother’s Day and my dad picked it up and started reading and said mom could read it when he got finished with it!”   Holly Jelks

“Enjoyed the book so much that my tummy hurt from laughing , tears ran down my face ! Great that a Pastors wife can enjoy her life , laugh at herself and relate it to verses in the Bible.”  Dawn Johnson                                                                                                                                          

“This book is written by a young woman who loves and serves the Lord. Though she is a pastor’s wife, she does not put herself above anyone else. She has a servants heart. She is free and open to tell the good and bad things that happen in her life and also a Scripture reference to go along with each story. She thinks “out of the box” for new ways of reaching the lost for Christ. For a “fresh” look at what an active, inspiring, motivating, energetic and loving pastor’s wife is, this book is a MUST READ. I especially recommend it for ALL pastor’s wives so they can also become a living, active presence in their church to do mighty things for God.”   Dana Murphy

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One thought on “Buy your copy of “The Crazy Pastor’s Wife”

  1. I love the video, it was eye opening. I can’t wait to read the book, ordering now.
    Thank you of your honesty.