Pastor’s Wife shares secrets about life married to the Pastor. Joyce Thrasher on Marnie’s Friends Radio

Inside Secrets: Things You'd Never Guess About Being a Pastor's Wife

Marnie's Friends Radio Show

Joyce Thrasher guest on Marnie’s Friends Radio Show.

Joyce Thrasher the “Crazy Pastor’s Wife,” shares her “Real” life and secrets as a Pastor’s wife. She is transparent and open in this interview. You may find out something that will shock you about being married to “The Pastor.” Listen to the show on the link below.  It’s not as easy as it looks being married to the Pastor and pressure the church members put on her and her family.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I had a great idea for Thanksgiving this year.  Not only would I be able to take a vacation for a few days, it would be our first “empty nest” Thanksgiving.  So Donny and I rented a beach house in Panama City for a week, big enough for us, our three sons, their ladies and my parents.  I had a party in my head with happy thoughts of sitting around with my family, relaxing and reminiscing about the good old days.  We could play charades and Trivial Pursuit.  Well, that wasn’t reality and I should have known better.

Instead, I found myself arguing with the boys about the matching Christmas sweaters we would wear for our annual family picture.  Of course, the only day all of us would be together at just the right time for sunset on the pier was a very short time span. I prayed for good weather and sunlight!  God answered, because that day happened to be the hottest day of the week.  The weather in Florida was beautiful, temperature in the high 70’s, and we went to the beach wearing our matching Christmas sweaters.  My daughter-in-law and I bought the sweaters the year before on Black Friday just for this our yearly Thrasher Christmas pictures.  Around us people were sunning in bikinis and kids were swimming in the warm ocean.

But that was not going to stop the Thrasher family!  We had already walked past all of the restaurants with people gawking at our matching sweaters, laughing and pointing at us as we walked down the boardwalk in our ugly Christmas sweaters;.but we proudly paid to get on the pier and had our pictures taken.  I’m not entirely sure how it will look this year, as the boys were sweating and I, of course, was hot flashing.  I think the one with Noah being thrown over the pier is the winner for the Christmas cards…we really didn’t throw him…but we did all think about it!

After the picture ordeal, I asked 19-year-old Noah to drive me in his car to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  While on the way, I smelled something really fishy (not the normal beach smell) and wondered if Noah had a dead body in the trunk.  “What in the world is that terrible smell?” I asked.

“What smell?” Noah was clueless!

When we stopped at the grocery store, I did some detective work and found several pairs of Noah’s soccer shoes in the trunk.  So that’s where the smell was coming from!  Looking deeper into the trunk, which was filled to capacity with dirty laundry, I thought, “What have I done?  Where did I go wrong?”

When Noah and I returned to the beach house, I decided to look in the car of my other son, 22-year-old Zach.  It was worse than Noah’s!  Zach had dirty clothes, candy, cups, shoes, deodorant, and towels-not-clean.  It appeared that Zach had been living in his car.

I immediately made a command decision and told the boys, “clear everything out of your cars.  You are taking them right now to be vacuumed and washed.”

I looked in the local phone book and called a car wash place and talked to the person who answered the phone.  I could hardly understand her, but from what I understood she said, “bring in cars and my brother give good price.”

I instructed the boys to talk the car wash people down on price.  “Don’t pay more than $40 a car.”  Knowing how much the cars smelled and how dirty they were, I hoped that would be enough.

The boys had been gone about 30 minutes when my phone rang.  It was Zach.  “They wouldn’t give us a price because the ‘brother’ wasn’t there, so we left the cars.  They said, ‘just pay when pick up.’”

“WHAT?”  I yelled.  “Weren’t their prices displayed somewhere so you had an idea?”

Zach replied, “all I saw was $140 for a detail and that is what we told them to do; but they said they would give us a good deal since we had two cars.”

“Turn around right now and go get your cars. I can’t afford $280 for a car wash!”  Where oh where did I go wrong raising these two sweet boys?

When Zach and Noah returned to the car wash, Zach called again.  “They’re already working on Noah’s.”

And then the haggling began while I was on the phone.  Finally Noah got the man down to $65 for both cars.  Noah is a lot like me and won’t take no for an answer.  Why does a simple trip to the car wash have to be so complicated?

After that fiasco was finally over, I ended up with five extra loads of laundry.  So I’ve been doing my sons’ laundry ever since they arrived at the beach house.  I guess they don’t have washing machines at college and they save it all for me when they come home.

My relaxed and lovely vacation at the beach turned out to be anything but.  Even so, on Thanksgiving I still thanked God for His goodness and abundant blessings and for my very loving, but somewhat dysfunctional family.




A Crazy Pastor’s Wife: Wit and Wisdom from Saints and Scoundrels

Joyce Thrasher tells her story about being a Pastor’s Wife at a large church in the south. She is married to Donny, a retired Army Chaplain and now the Senior Pastor at The Grace Place Church in Enterprise, Alabama. This book is full of humorous stories about serving in the ministry. Joyce’s brother, Joe Brown, is a well known artist who illustrated the cartoons for the book. This is his sixth book of illustrations. He also has been commissioned for many other projects, to include the cover for Garrison Keillor’s book, Life among the Lutherans. 

You can purchase her book on Amazon  or Barnes and Noble.


The Thirty Minute Prayer….

Have you ever been in Bible study when it’s wrapping up and you have already been there for an hour and half and someone says, “I’ll say the closing prayer.”  How can you respond to that?  You can’t say NO even when you know that woman who asks is a thirty-minute pray-er!

We all know what this means.  The prayer is usually the same rehearsed and memorized prayer from times past, memorized from The Book of 1001 Ways to Pray to Impress Your Christian Friends.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not right for Joyce to make fun of someone who is praying.”  Well, let me tell you – the pray-er is only trying to promote herself, not praise God.

Anyway, she stands up and wants everyone in the group to stand and hold hands in a circle.  Then she starts praying.  She begins with the weather of the day and then goes into everything she can think of, from A to Z, from asparagus to zealots, and even bumblebees!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in praying for bumblebees.  Bumblebees are nice (unless you’re allergic).

By the time she’s half way through her prayer, and we are only on the “L” names on her list, my legs have gone numb and I’m thinking, “When she takes a breath, I’ll interrupt her, that’s what I’ll do.”

Well, for some reason this lady doesn’t seem to take a breath.  She just goes on and on and I have lost focus after the first five minutes.  Then I start looking around the circle and I see that not everyone has their heads bowed.  Sure enough, others are looking around and they are rolling their eyes at me.  Oh no, what should I do?  I am the pastor’s wife and I have to cut off a prayer??  That doesn’t seem right!!

But I know it’s just a show and the pray-er is using the words from “that book.’   Okay.  I have to stop this.  So I decide I will butt in when she gets to the “P” names on the prayer list.  Sure enough, when she gets to the “P’s,” what do I say?  “I have to go pee.”  Really??

So I end it real fast with that and an Amen.  And I see all the women in the group looking at me in a very thankful way!   I think they respected me more on that day than on any other day.

Remember this the next time someone asks you to pray:  a short sincere prayer is just as effective as a long flowery prayer.  In fact, when people pray those long flowery prayers, it reminds me of what Jesus said in Matthew 6:5-7  When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on the street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them.  I assure you, that is all the reward they will ever get.  But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father secretly.  Then your Father, who knows all secrets, will reward you . . . Don’t babble on and on. 

The only person we need to impress is Jesus, and we can do that by being honest and real when we pray.  We don’t need to think of the perfect churchy words or what anyone else is thinking when we pray.  We just need to talk to Jesus. It’s as easy as that.

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