Revealing God’s Love Ministry

courtesy of Stacey Preachers Luck

If you follow my Facebook page, you will know I am part of the Revealing God’s Love ministry team for Grace Place Church. You know as women we love shoes. So I recently had the opportunity to try on the shoes that the ladies wear. You know no woman can resist such cute shoes. The shoes are beautiful. The beautiful lady that USE to wear the shoes is a beautiful friend inside and out.

When I put them on I look like a baby giraffe learning to walk, just saying. One wrong step and yep, I twisted my ankle and fell. I have me a nice broken ankle. This occurred last night and ER today for splint with a referral to ortho. Prayers are much appreciated, because I traded in shoes for crutches that are almost as dangerous for me. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for myself and the ministry.

Back from seeing Dr. Gudger with Hughston clinic. I have to stay in a splint until next Wed. then go back for a cast. I’ll be out of work for 10 days or more if needed after they x-ray next week. I have been with Dr. Gudger since 1994, so he knows me well. I showed him the picture of the shoes and started explaining what happened, he stated you don’t have to explain anything as he laughs. He borrowed my phone to go show his assistant the shoes, so when he came back in I explained the ministry of Revealing God’s Love. He was like are you for real? I said yes, ask Kacey. She nodded yes. I explained we work on private donations, and he handed me $20.00 right on the spot for Revealing God’s Love ministry. So my injury was able to pick up a donation as well give Dr. Gudger something to laugh at. Keep the prayers coming for myself as well as Revealing God’s Love ministry. Right now I’m going to elevate my leg and take nap.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4
Trust me, I am depending on the Lord and his strength more and more each day. Each day brings new challenge of life. I guess I have taken for granted how easily I could get around inside house, outside the house, etc. Well it has open my eyes to the fact that I have been taken my health for granted and made me realize what others that have long term disability or the elderly have to face on a day to day bases. 

Update – the pain that kept me awake the other night was a pressure spot was developing on my heel from the splint. Go Stasia she was correct !  New set of x-rays yesterday and It appears that not only is the ankle broken, but a ligament on the top of the ankle is torn.  Dr. Fusco explained to me, 3 parts of the ankle make it all work and is the strength of the ankle. I have taken out 2 of the 3 parts  Option 1 do surgery with plate and screw to hold everything in place and proceed on with life with stronger ankle or let it heal on it’s own and have problems with weak ankle rest of my life.
 June 1st I will have surgery on the ankle, but on a different note, everything happens for a reason. Well this injury has allowed me to bring forth to others that follow my page the Revealing God’s Love ministry. I have had people inquire about the ministry, as well as make donations since we depend on private donations. To those that have donated, the ministry team really appreciates your donations.  If you are interested in knowing more about “Revealing God’s Love” please P.M. me. We work off of private donations and I can not say thank you enough to those that have made a donations on my behalf because of this accident. Sometimes God uses an “accident” to help spread his word or slow down your busy “normal” life to allow you time to rest and get in touch with his word more. Thank you for the prayers, laughs, text, calls, etc. I am truly blessed. 


2017 Women’s Conference

Upcoming Speaking Event

Saturday, May 06, 20179:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: Elevate Christian Church, 156 Poplar Springs Rd., Hiram, GA US 30141

Sign-up: 2017 Women’s Conference

Cost: $25.00

Coordinator: Carol Fleming

Many of us spend our lives wearing different masks or façades. We may wear these masks to cover up parts of ourselves we don’t like.  Perhaps we wear the mask because we lose ourselves on the mommy, wife, daughter, sister, student or career wheel. The more of these masks we wear, the deeper we hide our true selves and in turn we hide from God. Please join us Saturday May 6, 2017 (9 AM – 2 PM; doors open @ 8:30 AM) as Joyce Thrasher leads us in finding our True Identity and Kristian Whittington leads our hearts in worship.

Donny and Joyce Living The Retirement Life….

The Thrasher's Family Holidays were filled with fire alarms, graduations, engagements, Santa Clause, hockey games and so much more!

Donny and Joyce: The Retirement Life

Traveling in our RV with our two cats and loving life!

 Everyone has been asking what we’ve been doing since we retired….well here it is! 

Hope you enjoy watching our Crazy Retirement Life.

The Thrasher’s Family Holidays were filled with fire alarms, graduations, engagements, Santa Clause, hockey games and so much more! We have busy traveling the country and trying to stay out of trouble.

Thrasher Family Christmas

Thrasher Family Christmas

Donny at Lake Lanier Georgia

Donny….Lake Lanier Georgia

Zach University of Auburn Graduation

Zach graduated from University of Auburn December 2016

Don’t Forget Our Veterans

us soldier I recently took Donny, my husband, to the Veteran’s Hospital closest to our home. Donny’s hip had been bothering him and we thought it should be checked out. Not long after we arrived and signed in to the VA emergency room, we knew we were there for something much bigger than a sore hip. God sent us there!

We sat in a room filled with veterans with a TV on, but nobody could hear it because our vets were talking about where they were stationed and in what war or mission they had served. It was interesting just listening, which is what Donny and I did for a while.

Veterans came and went and we learned that some had been there for five hours before we arrived. The longest wait was that of an older vet who sat for ten hours before being seen by a doctor. Most of the vets in the ER didn’t have anyone with them to get them something to eat or drink, so when I went out to buy a few snacks for Donny, I bought extra for those vets who might want or need water or a snack. They were so appreciative, and hearing “thank you, ma’am” over and over again brought a smile to my face and more than covered any cost.

A young man soon came in and sat down in a chair next to Donny and me. It was apparent that he was in distress, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He could not have been over 25 years old. Hunkered down in his own world, he talked to himself and was agitated because he had seen so much violence and had lost so many friends.

No doubt he was hurting and probably taking several substances (legal or not) to try to cope with his emotions and memories from the “conflict.”  Radical Islamic terrorism killed this young man’s friends and forever changed his life. Seeing his friends slaughtered, that young veteran is lost and doesn’t fit in anymore. His battle is not over, and may never be over, as he relives horrible memories and endures terrible nightmares. Living a “normal” life is no longer an option for him.

But this young man soon stopped talking to himself and opened up to Donny, actually giving Donny a smile. Because my husband was in the Army for 29 years as a Chaplain, he has a lot of experience talking to soldiers and understanding PTSD and the pain they go through everyday. Donny and I both know this wounded warrior has a long road ahead of him and we pray that the VA takes care of him and treats him like the hero he is.

After seven hours of waiting in the emergency room, Donny and I were alone with another young man who was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. His pants sagged too low and I thought, “pull your pants up.” He was holding his stomach and I could tell he was in pain. After going in to see a doctor, he came back to the waiting room. I noticed that his jeans were now a little lower and his boxer shorts were showing and he was still bent over holding his stomach. I sat there in the waiting room judging him and wondered why he thought it was okay to walk around like that. I thought “if he were one of my sons, I wouldn’t care how old he is, I would tell him to pull his pants up”.

Donny was finally discharged from the emergency room at the same time the young vet with the too low pants (and a few missing teeth) was discharged. The three of us walked to the elevator together. The vet wanted to continue talking with Donny and learn more about how Donny had gone through airborne school at the age of 43. The vet was so impressed with Donny because airborne school is not easy to get through at any age, much less 43. The vet then told us that he went through airborne school at the age of 19, and then through Ranger school. Donny said, “Well, you were one of the few, because not many people make it through Ranger school.”

When we got into the elevator, the vet said, “Yep, I was one of the crazy ones who made it through.” Then he lifted his shirt and showed us two bullet wounds in his side and lower abdomen. “I suffer daily with the constant pain and the doctors can’t seem to fix it.”

I wanted to cry right then and there, but instead I spoke to my own heart, “Thank you for your service; thank you for raising your hand and volunteering to go into harm’s way.” Now in his 20’s, that wounded warrior suffers everyday because of his sacrifice. And to think that I judged him because he couldn’t pull his pants up around his waist because it hurt too much to do so. There he was, a real American Hero, and I had no idea!

That humbling moment made me realize that while our nation continues to fight the battle against evil, all of us are fighting some kind of battle. We should never judge others based on how they dress, talk, or act. Since we don’t know what anyone has been through, we need to love everyone, just like Jesus loves us.

Next time you see a veteran, don’t hesitate to say, “Thank you.” Those brave men and women have sacrificed so much for our freedom. I pray that our next president will respect our military and help our soldiers learn how to have a normal life when they return home from service – as “normal” as they can.


We depend on the LORD alone to save us. Only he can help us, protecting us like a shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we are trusting in his holy name. Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD, for our hope is in you alone. (Psalm 33:20-22 NLT)


Joyce Talks about RV Living with Her Husband and 2 Cats

Laugh with Joyce about RV living and giving up her somewhat normal life....

Laugh with Joyce about full-time RV living.  She talks about the black tank and some of the issues that come with RVing with her husband and two cats.  She explains what her life is like now compared to her former somewhat normal life.  This video was made at First Baptist Church in Lake Park, Georgia on October 15, 2016.  The event was called Women of Worth.

If you are interested in booking, Joyce please fill out the contact form.


Blended Families Are Just That….

put a bunch of people from different backgrounds together...shake em up and see how things come out

“Blended families are just that – you put a bunch of people from different backgrounds together – shake em up and see how things come out”

Anyone know anything about blended families? Ever have that time in your life when you are at a cross roads between the kids and the hubby and then you run interference to avoid conflict in the house? How many of you are there today? Let me just tell you to go ahead and save yourself some long-term suffering and just let them work it out….far better for them to work through the tough times…work through their frustrations/problems….than for you to run interference, to avoid conflict and then they never work through the issues…having said that…there are several scriptures to reference to make sure you are handling these issues the way they need to be. Lets look at Ephesians 6:1 – 4 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”(this is the first commandment with a promise), “That it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land…” “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord…” It’s all about balance – the balance of love and discipline. And moms, this will help you in the long run !!!



Guest Blogger Tray Carter

Guest Blogger Tray Cart


Tray Carter lives in Enterprise, Alabama. She is a mother of 3…G.mama to 3….and the rider of more Rollercoaster rides than 6 flags…..journeying through this life has been a challenge at best…what I want you to know is it’s not how you start the race…it’s how you finish….join me in these last miles and lets finish strong…..

In the Midst of the Mess

Guest Blog - Ruthie Brand

We’ve been homeschooling for a few years now and the vision I had about homeschooling when we started doesn’t match up with the reality that we live out day to day. Our days are a lot messier than I thought, and not in the idyllic “we painted mini Rembrandts today” but in an “everything is chaos and why are we doing this?” kind of way. No, our mess doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.

I have good intentions. Each day starts out with a plan, a schedule, a hope of marking items off the list with sighs of satisfaction. We start out at the kitchen table, Ian and me. I’m helping him along with his Key Word Outline for IEW, a writing program for the Christian school he attends part time. Keeping his eyes on the page is an accomplishment in itself. Writing about sailors who were called “limeys” makes him thirsty so he heads to the fridge and gets out a gallon of milk, which he proceeds to swing over the top of his head, flinging milk in every direction. Milk is everywhere and while he says, “Oops,” I’m staring slack-jawed at the mess, in shock because this is a deja-vu moment. This very same scenario played itself out just last week when he yawned and stretched with his full glass of milk and the world had to stop in order to “de-stickify” the kitchen.

So instead of a writing lesson we are down on the kitchen floor talking about impulsivity and being responsible and how to clean up after our messes and in walks my Narcoleptic teenager. Who, because of this disorder has learned to operate in “survival mode” and can eat and perform basic tasks while still sleeping. Only slightly awake, he pours the gallon of apple juice so near his cup, he almost made it. Apple juice ricochets off the counter, plummets down the cupboard and pools at his feet and he is unaware. It is my screaming that wakes him up and he sploshes through the apple juice on the floor to go fall asleep in the bathroom.

Frustrated, I find myself mopping the floor for the second time before 9a.m. and the it serves as a metaphor for me of the bigger messes of our life that exacerbate the tension I have with my reality and the idol I’ve made of things looking a different way, of things looking the same as the pictures on the homeschool blogs I’ve read or of my dear homeschool friends whose children can play the violin underwater while solving complicated algorithms.

The bigger messes we deal with in our home tend to fall in the realms of mean-spiritedness, selfishness, disrespectful attitudes, and my own impatience and anger as I aim to help my children problem-solve and end up making their messes, my mess too.

And so I have to preach to myself everyday. I have to think on and meditate on and swim in the truth that my Jesus is a redeemer. He is in the business of making messes holy. He takes our moments of chaos, which I think have no redeemable value and he turns them into opportunities to depend on Him, lean into his mercy and trust that when He says He is working in all things, that He really is. That somehow, in ways I do not see, He is taking our mess and doing a refining work. In them. In me.

I may be mopping up spills after my children on into their adulthood. I hope not. I pray they learn to conquer their pouring predicaments along with the bigger messes we seem to grapple with everyday and that they would see in me, a mother who is trusting Jesus in the midst of the mess.






Ruthie’s Bio:

Ruthie is a wife to Garry and mom to 4 kids from Michigan. She teaches Speech, Drama and English part time at a local Christian school, home educates, and loves Jesus, reading, not running, and chocolate chip cookies.


cell towerDonny 2.bmp

It all began on an Easter morning unlike no other. Donny was at the local high school where our church rents the auditorium every year due to the large attendance on Easter Sunday; even with three services, our church building isn’t large enough to hold everyone. I was still at home getting ready when I received a phone call that Donny was having seizures and maybe a heart attack. As fast as I could, I drove to the high school where I found Donny in a back room surrounded by nurses checking his pulse while waiting for the paramedics. Donny was white as a ghost and continually going in and out of consciousness. After much coaxing to convince Donny that he couldn’t preach that morning, the paramedics arrived and loaded Donny into an ambulance. Long story short – two hospitals later, ten doctors later, two surgeries later, and four days later, Donny’s heart was fixed with two new best friends who would live with him forever, Mr. Pacemaker and Mr. Defibrillator.

The day after we arrived home from the hospital, Donny and I were sitting in our loveseat, trying to relax after his surgeries. I was on my cell phone, and wasn’t getting a good signal (which I usually don’t get from our house). Frustrated about not being able to send a text message, I considered walking outside where I can occasionally receive a slight signal. But then I remembered something. The doctors had told Donny that his two new best friends were actually little cell phone towers that could get a signal from anywhere, from whatever phone carrier has a signal in the area. Ironically, it appeared that Donny wasn’t “in contact” with just one cell phone company; he had all the companies right there in his chest!

So I thought, “Why not?” I put my cell phone next to Donny’s new best friends and zip, instantly my text message was sent! Donny looked at me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I replied, “Just using the cell tower now implanted in your chest.”

He said, “You’re going to use up my battery life. According to the doctors, I only have seven years and six months.”

I replied, “Don’t worry. They can change the battery early. It doesn’t matter. They’ll keep track of it.”

From that night forward, I’ve had my own cell tower right next to me! Now when I want to send a text message from the house, Donny just puts my phone on his chest and zip, it goes! By the way, we recently visited the doctors for Donny’s monthly appointment and learned that he now has ten years and two months of battery life. Maybe I’m actually boosting that!

Talking about signals…. Where is our spiritual signal coming from? Is it coming from God, or are we using other people’s power to boost our own signal? Are we studying the Bible for ourselves, or are we only hearing the Word on Sunday mornings? Are we praying for others, or are we depending on others to pray for us? Are we helping the needy, or are we waiting for our church to do that? As I’ve been thinking about my spiritual walk, I want to make sure I’m getting my signal straight from God and His Word and not waiting for other people to point me in the right direction.

So remember, if you’re a Believer, you have a personal relationship with God. Make sure your signal is as strong as it can be. Study God’s Word for yourself and don’t rely on outside interpretations. Reach out to those in need and to those who are lonely. Do what Jesus would do.

Get your power from the Right Source!

Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another – showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped for the tasks God has for us. (2 Timothy 3:16-17 The Message)