Revealing God’s Love Ministry

courtesy of Stacey Preachers Luck

If you follow my Facebook page, you will know I am part of the Revealing God’s Love ministry team for Grace Place Church. You know as women we love shoes. So I recently had the opportunity to try on the shoes that the ladies wear. You know no woman can resist such cute shoes. The shoes are beautiful. The beautiful lady that USE to wear the shoes is a beautiful friend inside and out.

When I put them on I look like a baby giraffe learning to walk, just saying. One wrong step and yep, I twisted my ankle and fell. I have me a nice broken ankle. This occurred last night and ER today for splint with a referral to ortho. Prayers are much appreciated, because I traded in shoes for crutches that are almost as dangerous for me. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for myself and the ministry.

Back from seeing Dr. Gudger with Hughston clinic. I have to stay in a splint until next Wed. then go back for a cast. I’ll be out of work for 10 days or more if needed after they x-ray next week. I have been with Dr. Gudger since 1994, so he knows me well. I showed him the picture of the shoes and started explaining what happened, he stated you don’t have to explain anything as he laughs. He borrowed my phone to go show his assistant the shoes, so when he came back in I explained the ministry of Revealing God’s Love. He was like are you for real? I said yes, ask Kacey. She nodded yes. I explained we work on private donations, and he handed me $20.00 right on the spot for Revealing God’s Love ministry. So my injury was able to pick up a donation as well give Dr. Gudger something to laugh at. Keep the prayers coming for myself as well as Revealing God’s Love ministry. Right now I’m going to elevate my leg and take nap.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4
Trust me, I am depending on the Lord and his strength more and more each day. Each day brings new challenge of life. I guess I have taken for granted how easily I could get around inside house, outside the house, etc. Well it has open my eyes to the fact that I have been taken my health for granted and made me realize what others that have long term disability or the elderly have to face on a day to day bases. 

Update – the pain that kept me awake the other night was a pressure spot was developing on my heel from the splint. Go Stasia she was correct !  New set of x-rays yesterday and It appears that not only is the ankle broken, but a ligament on the top of the ankle is torn.  Dr. Fusco explained to me, 3 parts of the ankle make it all work and is the strength of the ankle. I have taken out 2 of the 3 parts  Option 1 do surgery with plate and screw to hold everything in place and proceed on with life with stronger ankle or let it heal on it’s own and have problems with weak ankle rest of my life.
 June 1st I will have surgery on the ankle, but on a different note, everything happens for a reason. Well this injury has allowed me to bring forth to others that follow my page the Revealing God’s Love ministry. I have had people inquire about the ministry, as well as make donations since we depend on private donations. To those that have donated, the ministry team really appreciates your donations.  If you are interested in knowing more about “Revealing God’s Love” please P.M. me. We work off of private donations and I can not say thank you enough to those that have made a donations on my behalf because of this accident. Sometimes God uses an “accident” to help spread his word or slow down your busy “normal” life to allow you time to rest and get in touch with his word more. Thank you for the prayers, laughs, text, calls, etc. I am truly blessed.