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It all began on an Easter morning unlike no other. Donny was at the local high school where our church rents the auditorium every year due to the large attendance on Easter Sunday; even with three services, our church building isn’t large enough to hold everyone. I was still at home getting ready when I received a phone call that Donny was having seizures and maybe a heart attack. As fast as I could, I drove to the high school where I found Donny in a back room surrounded by nurses checking his pulse while waiting for the paramedics. Donny was white as a ghost and continually going in and out of consciousness. After much coaxing to convince Donny that he couldn’t preach that morning, the paramedics arrived and loaded Donny into an ambulance. Long story short – two hospitals later, ten doctors later, two surgeries later, and four days later, Donny’s heart was fixed with two new best friends who would live with him forever, Mr. Pacemaker and Mr. Defibrillator.

The day after we arrived home from the hospital, Donny and I were sitting in our loveseat, trying to relax after his surgeries. I was on my cell phone, and wasn’t getting a good signal (which I usually don’t get from our house). Frustrated about not being able to send a text message, I considered walking outside where I can occasionally receive a slight signal. But then I remembered something. The doctors had told Donny that his two new best friends were actually little cell phone towers that could get a signal from anywhere, from whatever phone carrier has a signal in the area. Ironically, it appeared that Donny wasn’t “in contact” with just one cell phone company; he had all the companies right there in his chest!

So I thought, “Why not?” I put my cell phone next to Donny’s new best friends and zip, instantly my text message was sent! Donny looked at me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I replied, “Just using the cell tower now implanted in your chest.”

He said, “You’re going to use up my battery life. According to the doctors, I only have seven years and six months.”

I replied, “Don’t worry. They can change the battery early. It doesn’t matter. They’ll keep track of it.”

From that night forward, I’ve had my own cell tower right next to me! Now when I want to send a text message from the house, Donny just puts my phone on his chest and zip, it goes! By the way, we recently visited the doctors for Donny’s monthly appointment and learned that he now has ten years and two months of battery life. Maybe I’m actually boosting that!

Talking about signals…. Where is our spiritual signal coming from? Is it coming from God, or are we using other people’s power to boost our own signal? Are we studying the Bible for ourselves, or are we only hearing the Word on Sunday mornings? Are we praying for others, or are we depending on others to pray for us? Are we helping the needy, or are we waiting for our church to do that? As I’ve been thinking about my spiritual walk, I want to make sure I’m getting my signal straight from God and His Word and not waiting for other people to point me in the right direction.

So remember, if you’re a Believer, you have a personal relationship with God. Make sure your signal is as strong as it can be. Study God’s Word for yourself and don’t rely on outside interpretations. Reach out to those in need and to those who are lonely. Do what Jesus would do.

Get your power from the Right Source!

Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another – showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped for the tasks God has for us. (2 Timothy 3:16-17 The Message)


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